Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Today’s WTFs:

1) A (randomly chosen) episode of Big Web Show (never listened to before) with Jen Simmons as a guest.

Jen is a big-shot designer at Mozilla (an art director or something like that), and I really liked her talks; that’s why I chose this episode. What I was not ready for was the host, Jeffrey Zeldman, apparently an author of an influential book on web development in early 2000s, who kept complaining about how the technology keeps changing, and how many tools you need to know these days to launch a web site. Shockingly pathetic!

2) A TED talk titled "Free yourself from your filter bubbles", where many politically correct words are said, but which seems shallow to the point of being stupid. When they suggest freeing oneself from a filter bubble, it seems to me they envision their interlocutors, the ones with whom they will be exchanging their viewpoints, as people not very much dissimilar intellectually from themselves. I am not so sure this is so. Filter bubbles can be expanded, sure, but broken? Nah! And I am grateful to them for their presence.
"We have to add diversity to our lives," says the male speaker. Why is that, I want to ask. Is it just because diversity is an agreed-upon value that everyone is supposed to be admiring and striving towards?

I was also surprised by the word "progressive" used in that talk — it was for the first time that I heard a speaker apply it to themselves (I’ve always assumed it was a word of approval, used to characterize others, regardless of their political stance). So it turns out the political left appropriated a positively charged word and narrowed down its meaning to signify the political left. This feels so... wrong somehow. Just as wrong as using the word reaction in a disapprovingly-conservative sense, or the word minority in a non-quantitative sense, or the words racist or sexist applied only to specific races or sex.

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