Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Today I learned:

- in pronouncing dates written in the month-date style, the article before the date is apparently a marker of BrE vs AmE;
- there’s the `self` property on the `window` object, which also exists in other browser contexts, such as web workers or service workers. Previously, the only `self` I’ve seen in javascript code was the popular hack of `var self = this` for dealing with the changing context referred to by the `this` keyword.

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    Also, Google's documentation style guide. With the latest trends about the correct language, obvi. This one via HN.

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    Google's document on how they build Chrome dev tools with web components. And yeah, it includes a special dance for some semblance of type safety,…

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    On the ideology in the industry: A guest on a podcast: There was a thread on Twitter the other day, with Adam Rackis, and he had made a comment…

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