Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Opened Xah Lee’s blog today (I remember Xah as a Chinese guy with some strong opinions on emacs configuration). Saw this:


RubyConf 2016 - To Clojure and back: writing and rewriting in Ruby by Phill MV

in the recent “is clojure dying” crisis, saw this. that's esr. I don't like esr, but this Phil MV is a scumbag in my book.

the worst atrocities in history are done by those who think they are morally superior.


"esr" was a mystery to me until I googled the phrase; it’s who it is attributed to, Eric S. Raymond.

I don’t know anything about Eric S. Raymond, apart from that he wrote The Hacker’s Dictionary and The Cathedral and the Bazaar, and featured in the documentary about Linux called Revolution OS. I don’t know what he had done to deserve this attack, but crap, why was there no hissy fit about that slide similar to what there was when Doug Crockford spoke of "the huevos" or "the chicherones"?

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