Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Good stuff:


(also, as a commentator points out: “Unaffiliated” doesn’t mean “atheist” or even “agnostic.” When PRRI asked unaffiliateds how they identify religiously, just 27 percent said atheist or agnostic. Another 16 percent said they were religious but unconnected to any particular faith. The clear majority, 58 percent, simply said they weren’t religious. Whether that means they’re functionally agnostic or they believe in God but otherwise don’t give much thought to faith is unclear.)

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    Yes! I fully empathize. I've been cursing Storybook, and myself for going with it, for the several months I was trying to update to webpack 5. And…

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    A dig at the hooks syntax, I suppose :-)

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    Nazi! Alt-right! 8chan! Boo!

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