Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Saw this post pop up in my Facebook feed (I had never heard of the guy let alone was interested in what he had to say, so fuck you very much Facebook for showing me the posts that my connections react to).

I found the third paragraph from the bottom to be the most revealing about this person’s way of thinking. It shows a presupposition that people are mostly creatives. It also shows a presupposition that people have a purpose in life or want to be famous (the "we'll remember you if you're good" part).

Wouldn’t it be more down-to-earth to preach simply living? If (first assumption) there is no hope for this country and (second assumption) one has not found an opportunity to leave it, then wouldn’t it be practical to just come to terms with one’s situation and simply live — whichever way one considers best? That’s what so many people actually do. What does writing books, creating music or doing art have to do with it? One can consume them rather then produce. In fact, one is much more likely to consume.

One of the comments to that post was equally characteristic:

Good god, woman!, I thought. Way to be dramatic! Leaving is not suicide. Withdrawing from politics is not suicide. Unless she meant the collective suicide of letting the rulers drag the country into some massive-scale war or into the kind of poverty that causes starvation. But I somehow doubt that that’s what she meant.

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