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There is a podcast (which I do not follow) about React.js, initially started in Russian under the name "Пятиминутка React". Here’s what the presenter of the Russian version sounds like (and LJ sucks, because it won't allow me to embed a SoundCloud frame):

Turns out, they have also recently released an English version of the podcast. Here's an example:

The English voice is impeccable — but I am having troubles identifying the native language of the speaker. There aren’t any distinctive regional traits that I can recognize. I would bet it is not the voice of the Russian presenter, but I am curious whether it is another Russian who has a good English or whether it is a native English speaker.

Specifically, I am curious whether it is Dan Abramov, whose English used to have some noticeable foreign quirks, but who has since joined Facebook in London, and might have gotten rid of them. Here is Dan's voice recorded last December.

I am inclined to think that the presenter is a native American English speaker, because of his intonation and of how he pronounces plosives, but I am not 100% sure.

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