Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Apple is now taking a page out of that anti-jailbreaking campaign in a bid to scuttle a so-called "right to repair" law in Nebraska, where its Legislature is scheduled to debate the measure Thursday. Eight states, including Nebraska, are considering right to repair laws that would require companies, whether they are in the tech sector or not, to make their service manuals, diagnostic tools, and parts available to consumers and repair shops—and not just select suppliers. That type of legislation is also being floated in Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Wyoming. These bills threaten to cut into corporations' profits for their selected repair outlets.
Nebraska Sen. Lydia Brasch, who sponsored the legislation, said Apple lobbyist Steve Kester told her that passage of the measure would make Nebraska "the mecca for bad actors." Brasch also told Motherboard that Kester informed her that approving the bill "would make it very easy for hackers to relocate to Nebraska." Apple did not respond for comment but also cautioned that there were safety risks surrounding lithium-ion batteries.

the mecca for bad actors...
would make it very easy for hackers to relocate to Nebraska...


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