Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Random thought: it’s curious how the left discourse has recently lumped muslims alongside people of color, women, and people with non-typical sexual preferences in a group of "minorities" (or “women and minorities”). I’ve always been under an impression that the moral argument against any discrimination of people of whatever ethnicity or sexuality is that they have not chosen what they are but have been born the way they are (pedophiles, of course, being a notable exception to this general sentiment). Being muslim, on the other hand, is not an inborn quality; it is something that requires a conscious choice, much like belonging to any other religion or culture. If it is a simple quantitative argument (that muslims are a minority in a certain country and therefore deserve special protection), then I am having trouble understanding how come the same argument does not apply to the so-called "alt-right", "neo-nazis", "fascists", and so on, who, let’s face it, are surely also a quantitative minority.

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