Andrey (azangru) wrote,

В ранних CommitStrip-ах что-то постоянно выдавало французскость. То урлы:

то комментарии под комиксами. Сами они про себя пишут:

Who is CommitStrip? We are coders, from Europe and Asia, who work mainly in web agencies. After a few years of coding we’d got a bunch of funny stories and we wanted to share them with everyone! We do PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and even cool new stuff like NodeJS and HTML5/CSS3. When we are bored with that, we play around a lot with videos, images, and even some AS3. Sometimes Java and mobile techs. And Ruby, because it’s cool too. Our illustrator is self-confessed geek Etienne Issartial. Stories and texts are by Thomas Gx, and are translated into English by Mark Nightingale.

но иногда, видимо, до Марка тексты не доходили, и поэтому в текст попадали кавычки:


и просто хрен знает что:

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