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Вчера в Hacker News пробегала ссылка на статью двухлетней давности о русской семье, заныкавшейся от цивилизации на 40 лет в Сибири и пропустившей Великую Отечественную.
А тут смотрю — на RT несколько дней назад документалка вышла про эту семью.
«Совпадение? Не думаю».


Кстати, две цитаты из введения онлайновской книжки про типографику. Автор рассказывает, как вывесил книжку в сеть и откуда больше было всего переходов:

top sources of visitors in year two

1) Hacker News. I can’t say I un­der­stand the pur­pose of this site, founded by ven­ture cap­i­tal­ist Paul Gra­ham. I have two guesses. One is that it’s like Red­dit for pro­gram­mers, but they can claim that us­ing it is work, not goof­ing off. My other guess, since it has no ads, is that it acts as Mr. Graham’s panop­ti­con into his com­mu­nity of in­ter­est, as Cere­bro does for Prof. Xavier. Any­how, what­ever bored pro­gram­mers are spend­ing their money on, it’s def­i­nitely not me.

5) Red­dit. Ugh. Red­dit’s busi­ness plan is ap­par­ently to mon­e­tize as much vile toxic waste—racism, sex­ism, anti-Semi­tism, stolen celebrity nudes—as it can get away with. True, that ma­te­r­ial has al­ways been avail­able on the In­ter­net. But it wasn’t un­til re­cently that it was fu­eled by mil­lions in ven­ture cap­i­tal. What an ac­com­plish­ment. Fit­tingly, many of my Red­dit vis­i­tors ar­rive from a page ti­tled “Where do you go once Red­dit has bored you?” Glad to help.

"can't understand the purpose of this site", "like Reddit for programmers", "has no ads"
"Red­dit’s busi­ness plan is to mon­e­tize vile toxic waste"

Такая прелесть :-)

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