Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Подсмотренное в Реддите

Случайно щелкнув по ссылке, попал на чудесную критику «Чужого»:

Картинка по ссылке с заголовком «ABC absolutely on point with their "Alien" advert»:

Критик: Except that they've put Ripley right to the front. One of the utter joys of watching 'Alien' for the first time is that Ripley's never revealed as the main character until she's the only fucker left.
Собеседник: Man, that's a shame. That was never apparent to me because, well, she's also in all the sequels. Hard to save that knowledge.
Критик: It's one of the great crushing blows of "Alien" becoming a franchise. If you watch the original movie with the mindset of "Not knowing who..." then it's a totally different movie. John Hurt is the obvious cause it's John Hurt, we know John Hurt, he also went to the planet first so he's definitely the OH GOD DINNER IS RUINED, OH! OH....well, it's definitely the bearded American called Dallas cause for fucks sakes, it's a bearded American called Dallas and he's being brave and OH GOD THE BEEPING...
And so forth.
Worth a rewatch from that point of view, just watch and enjoy how background Ripley is. That bit where she doesn't let them in is pure "space-cunt" that in a modern movie would signify a villain in the tale and she'd So Get Hers When The Killing Started.
The lack of an immediately identifiable survivor is one of the glories of "Alien", narratively speaking.

Worth a rewatch from that point of view... Narratively speaking... Мне прямо даже захотелось пересмотреть «Чужого» — я совершенно его не помню. Хотя вряд ли, конечно...

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