Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Вынесу, интереса ради, сюда, потому что видел и слышал некоторое количество прямых и косвенных отсылок на эти слова без конкретных библиографических указаний.

Daily Press Briefing - April 13, 2015:

QUESTION: Okay. Is it the Administration’s position that the S-300s, the transfer of them to Iran would violate existing sanctions?

MS HARF: In terms of UN Security Council sanctions, it’s my understanding that it would not.

QUESTION: It would not.

MS HARF: Correct.

QUESTION: So your concern is – or your objections are based on what?

MS HARF: Well, there’s a number of factors, obviously, here. And we think given Iran’s destabilizing actions in the region in places like Yemen or Syria or Lebanon that this isn’t the time to be selling these kinds of systems to them. So in general, that’s what our concerns are based on.

QUESTION: Your understanding is --

MS HARF: And we have concerns about things separate and apart from whether they would be a violation of Security Council sanctions.

QUESTION: No, I know. But I just wanted to know if your objection was based in – based on – if your understanding of your objection was that it was a violation of sanctions.

MS HARF: It’s my understanding that it’s not.

(видео, начиная примерно со второй минуты)

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