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Еще из Погосяна:

The overrated French philosopher Jacques Derrida has a famous line that before one can deconstruct a tradition, one must really understand that tradition.

Браво за overrated French philosopher!

И еще из него же:

One of my students asked me if a person could be rational and go to church. I responded, ‘Can one be rational and sing songs? And read poetry? And play games? And read ancient texts? Of course. One can do all of these things and be rational.’ Religion is not necessarily an insurmountable barrier to reason and rationality. The problem is not that people are reading ancient texts. I read Shakespeare with my son. I don’t, however, think that Iago, Hamlet, and Lear were historical figures. I also don’t derive my ultimate moral authority from Shakespeare’s works. I don’t want to kill people who have rival interpretation of Shakespeare’s plays. Nor do I attempt to bring Othello into decisions at the ballot box.

Здесь хочется отметить, что в русской школьно-егэшной традиции Отелло-таки тянут к избирательной урне. Просят же, отвечая на вопросы (типа общежитейские) приводить примеры из художественных произведений. Художественные произведения — художественными произведениями и должны оставаться в мире художественных произведений, по-моему.

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