Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Джон Маккейн (здесь, с 13 мин 5 сек):

...I would like to mention one other thing, too. And that is Ukraine. Obviously, as many of us predicted, Vladimir Putin is now trying to take Mariupol, a city that is major when you look at a land bridge to Crimea in Eastern Ukraine.

The question is now, does Vladimir Putin move over to Moldova? He's already putting enormous pressure on the Baltic states. And we shamefully, shamefully refuse to give them weapons, the Ukrainians weapons to defend themselves, while Grad rockets obviously from the Russians are now killing innocent men, women and children in Ukraine?

А что, есть признаки того, что Россия как-то покушается на Молдову и Прибалтику? Я не в курсе просто.

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