Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Resonating thoughts

On a recent Saturday evening, Theo came up with an aphorism: the bigger you think, the crappier it looks. Asked to explain he said: “When we go on about the big things, the political situation, global warming, world poverty, it all looks really terrible, with nothing getting better, nothing to look forward to. But when I think small, closer in — you know, a girl I’ve just met, or this song we’re going to do with Chas, or snowboarding next month, then it looks great. So this is going to be my motto — think small.”
— Ian McEwan. Saturday

Мне казалось, это должно быть настолько очевидно, что этому следует большинство обычных людей. В том числе в России. В том числе сейчас.
Я про think small. А что касается того how it looks, то it looks crappy anyway, no matter how you think.

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