Andrey (azangru) wrote,

На уроках английского в школе так долго вдалбливали мысль, что в придаточных условных предложениях глагол will не употребляется, что я теперь вздрагиваю, когда вижу:

When he was gone I turn'd to the Boy, who they call'd Xury, and said to him, Xury, if you will be faithful to me I'll make you a great man, but if you will not stroak our Face to be true to me, that is, swear by Mahomet and is Father's Beard, I must throw you into the Sea too; the boy smil'd in my Face and spoke so innocently that I could mistrust him; and swore to be faithful to me, and go all over the World with me

(Робинзон Крузо)

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