Andrey (azangru) wrote,


I mean, look, the fact that even before yesterday, nearly $100 billion in capital was expected to flee Russia, at some point I think the Russian citizens are going to be pretty unhappy that because of his actions in the region and other countries, their economy is tanking. So that’s what it’s designed to do and we’ll keep upping the pressure.
Q: So in fact, you’re saying that the goal here is to make it painful on the Russian people?
Part of how that happens is the people of Russia say, look, I don’t want to not have access to the international financial system because President Putin is off trying to invade other countries. That’s part of what can affect a leader’s calculation, which I know you’re very well aware of.

Риторика, исходящая из того, что они имеют дело с демократической страной. И вообще, неплохое обсуждение здесь:


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