Andrey (azangru) wrote,

So fully flash'd the phantom on his eyes,
That when the very lance was in his heart,
He shouted 'Allah!' and saw Paradise
With all its veil of mystery drawn apart,
And bright eternity without disguise
On his soul, like a ceaseless sunrise, dart:—
With prophets, houris, angels, saints, descried
In one voluptuous blaze,—
and then he died,

But with a heavenly rapture on his face.

The good old khan, who long had ceased to see
Houris, or aught except his florid race
Who grew like cedars round him gloriously—
When he beheld his latest hero grace
The earth, which he became like a fell'd tree,
Paused for a moment, from the fight, and cast
A glance on that slain son, his first and last.

Переводчица (и редакторша) же не наблюдают пунктуации, и получается:

И старый хан с восторженным лицом
(Хоть он уже давно не видел гурий)
Склонился над прекрасным мертвецом.

И, кстати, переводческое творчество. У Байрона, про нелюбимого сына хана:

The fifth, who, by a Christian mother nourish'd,
Had been neglected, ill-used, and what not,
Because deform'd, yet died all game and bottom,
To save a sire who blush'd that he begot him.

У Гнедич:

Отца четвертый сын неутомимо,
Хоть хан его стыдился — ибо он
Был от гречанки-пленницы рожден.

У Шенгели:

Четвертый, — хоть в тени
Всю прожил жизнь, гоним, стеснен гаремной клеткой
Грузинки-матери, урод, — но за отца,
Кто за него краснел, сражался до конца.

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