Andrey (azangru) wrote,

English for special purposes

Дэвид Кристал (мой любимый лингвист), рассуждая про уровни владения языком:

At one extreme you have total fluency, at the other extreme you have the… the basic fluency, the career future ahead of you in English of somebody who knows just two or three words of the language, but that’s enough for him to get by. The sort of situation you find when you go to an airport around the world, and you come out, and some poor little lad is begging from you, and he is doing it in English, but not in the other languages he probably knows. And he asks you, “You got dollar?” And you say, “No.” And he says, “Okay, fuck off,” or something like that. And I mean, here we’ve got English for special purposes defined at its perfect level.

P.S.: На самом деле, к этому отрывку прилагался еще комментарий Кристала о том, как он слышал (или ему рассказывали, что так бывает) этот факоф даже после получения доллара — в значении «спасибо».


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