Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Офигительный, на мой слух, пассаж из Энтони Пима:

...translation history can provide information and ideas that may prove useful for policymakers in the field of general language and culture as well as translation (since translation is a linguistic and cultural option). To take a prime example, historical perspectives could prove vital when formulating a future language policy for Europe. They should play a role as soon as one calculates the cost of symbolic recourse to translations in the European Union. If planners are not to abandon the ideal of huge translation flows, they will have to integrate even more computerization into most text-production processes; massive machine translation will increase the many situations where foreign information comes in recognizably translational language; the wholly human-translated text should become a relative luxury. Of course, this will be anathema to teachers who currently extol the virtues of naturalizing translations, who want it all to be human, and who thus risk relegating many fields of translation to the level of a cottage handicraft industry. Yet the advent of recognizably translational language need not be so alarming for anyone aware that European philosophy and science worked with literalist translation techniques for many centuries, developing quite successful ways of reading and using recognizably translational language. Greater knowledge of the past can give us wider frames for assessing the future.

Интересный ход мысли. На мой взгляд, правда, уж лучше наконец перейти на общий международный язык, чем переводить тучу текстов туда-сюда (особенно если это всего лишь symbolic recourse), а тем более привлекать к этому занятию машины, но это только на мой взгляд...

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