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Компьютерное, trivia

Из книжки Габриэлы Колман Coding Freedom. Вообще, книжка сама по себе любопытна тем, что это попытка антропологического анализа хакерской культуры («хакерской» — не в значении тех, кто влезает в чужие компьютеры и тырит данные, а в таком расплывчато-неясном значении компьютерных гуру).

1) Про историю слова Unix (я не знал; это даже прикольнее чем GNU):

the name Unix is a clever historical referent—in this case, indexing its conditions of birth. Unix derives from another related OS, the much larger Multics, originally developed in AT&T’s Bell Labs. In 1969 Bell Labs canceled funding for Multics; its authors, Ken Thomson and Denis Ritchie, salvaged (and many would say improved) Multics by parsing it down to a much smaller system, which they renamed Unix. Once Unix was “cut down,” its creators renamed Multics to “eunuchs” to capture the idea that some really significant “things” had been cut from its body, but what was created was something forever eternally beautiful. Eventually, its creators kept the phonetic instantiation of eunuchs (Unix) to commemorate and signal its conditions of birth as an essentially castrated version of Multics.

2) Из воспоминаний матерого гуру, лазившего в свое время по BBS-кам:

<hacim> you call
<hacim> it is busy
<hacim> you set your modem on redial
<hacim> you wait
<hacim> your mom yells at you to get off the phone
<hacim> you stop redial
<keg> haha
<hacim> she talks with whoever while you impatiently wait
<keg> you finally learn *70, and life changes forever [*70 stops call wait-
ing, which if activated, would boot you off the modem when someone
else calls]
<hacim> you hide behind her door listening to her talk so you know ex-
actly when she has hung up
<keg> or 1170 on rotary :) [the code for disabling call waiting on rotary]
<hacim> while sighing really loud so she can hear
<hacim> then you can call!
<hacim> sweeeeet!
<hacim> you run upstairs
<hacim> anyways, you manage to call, you get the REALLY
SATISFYING modem noise
<hacim> you login
<hacim> and then you go the message boards
<hacim> you crawl them
<hacim> and you see what the last person posted on each subject board
<hacim> sometimes it was the last person to call; that felt really cool
<hacim> the thing was, you had these message boards, where you talked
about specific subjects
<hacim> and people really got into exploring them
<hacim> and everyone KEPT up on them

(Я с тех времен помню только команду atdp. До просветления типа *70 я не дошел :-) )

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