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Из Билла Брайсона

The risks at Yellowstone apply to park employees as much as to visitors. Doss got a horrific sense of that in his first week on the job five years earlier. Late one
night, three young summer employees engaged in an illicit activity known as “hot-potting”—swimming or basking in warm pools. Though the park, for obvious reasons, doesn’t publicize it, not all the pools in Yellowstone are dangerously hot. Some are extremely agreeable to lie in, and it was the habit of some of the summer employees to have a dip late at night even though it was against the rules to do so. Foolishly the threesome had failed to take a flashlight, which was extremely dangerous because much of the soil around the warm pools is crusty and thin and one can easily fall through into a scalding vent below. In any case, as they made their way back to their dorm, they came across a stream that they had had to leap over earlier. They backed up a few paces, linked arms and, on the count of three, took a running jump. In fact, it wasn’t the stream at all. It was a boiling pool. In the dark they had lost their bearings. None of the three survived.

Я запутался: слово threesome у них еще можно использовать в своем первоначальном значении или теперь на него все показывают пальцем и смеются?

The real terror of the deep, however, is the bends—not so much because they are unpleasant, though of course they are, as because they are so much more likely. The air we breathe is 80 percent nitrogen. Put the human body under pressure, and that nitrogen is transformed into tiny bubbles that migrate into the blood and tissues. If the pressure is changed too rapidly—as with a too-quick ascent by a diver—the bubbles trapped within the body will begin to fizz in exactly the manner of a freshly opened bottle of champagne, clogging tiny blood vessels, depriving cells of oxygen, and causing pain so excruciating that sufferers are prone to bend double in agony—hence “the bends.”

Добрался наконец до брайсоновской ошибки, которая мне по зубам: все-таки, если я все правильно понимаю, при повышении давления газ растворяется в жидкости, а не образует в ней пузырьки; пузырьки газа возникают в кровотоке, наоборот, при быстром понижении внешнего давления. Но, по-моему, эта — существенная для профессионала — ошибка настолько незначительна в научно-популярной книге, в общем понятным образом описывающей проблему, что если и остальные его ляпы такого же рода, то и ладно.

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