Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Запад о Советах

Из Рутледжской энциклопедии:

Fedorov's book is probably one of the very few books on translation theory to contain an entire chapter devoted to "Marx, Engels, Lenin on Translation" and to make such statements as "Enormous interest and extreme value for the theory of translation are presented by the remarks of V.I.Lenin on translation and language" (Fedorov 1958:91; translated), not to mention passing on such gems of information as that the manuscript of Lenin's first translation disappeared in a police raid and that his advice on the best way to keep busy in prison was to translate and then back-translate entire novels.

Наивные! Это они еще издания 53-го года не видели: там и перевод в свете гениальных трудов товарища Сталина есть.

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