Andrey (azangru) wrote,

(С)тырено из Интернета

Во-во, ровно мои ощущения (у меня, правда, более легкий вариант: я и не начинал особо туда ходить):

Why I don't go on Facebook anymore.

I present to you a collage of why I hate Facebook!

1 - People just moan constantly

2 - This is a great use of everyone's time

3 - Didn't want to play the first 20 times you asked me

4 - People are always after sympathy.

5 - Doesn't involve the other 400 people on your friends list now does it? :')

6 - Thanks for letting me know, I like being in the loop.

7 - Want a cuddle? Got feet, so use em!


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