Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Quiddity и quiddich

 Черт! На миг мне показалось, что я нашел слово, от которого Роулинг выдумала свой квиддич (в ее Поттере столько производных из латыни, что идея показалась мне крайне соблазнительной). Но гуглежка убедила меня, что я попался на ту же удочку, что эта британская журналистка:

Where did that name come from?

I met a British journalist from quite a serious newspaper not very long ago. She said to me: "You obviously got the name 'Quidditch' from 'quiddity,' which is the word that means the essence of a thing." And I looked at her and thought, "Oh, I really want to say, 'Yes.' Because that sounds so much cooler than the truth." But the truth is that I invented the word for a totally whimsical reason. I just wanted a word that began with Q. Don't ask me why. Just pure whim. I still have the notebook in which I invented all these words beginning with Q. On the page, you can see where I wrote Quidditch, and I circled it five times. I just really liked the sound of it.

(из интервью с Роулинг)


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