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О платоновской лекционной манере

Aristotle can be seen as trying to repair the damage that Plato did in his lecture on the Good, where an audience who had come expecting to hear about “health or wealth or some marvelous happiness” were surprised to find that the lecture was about numbers and that its conclusion was that the Good was the One, with the result that some of the audience gave up on philosophy altogether, while others presumably turned to the more practical philosophy of teachers like Isocrates...

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    Tweeted and retweeted by developers. Dunno. Been working for me. Can't speak to excellence, but certainly lots of stimulating humiliation:

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    Don't know if this is real or not, but if it is, it's really strange that Canadian bureaucrats should be specifically instructed not to use the…

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    This was a good talk. Interesting to see that SvelteKit is taking the same direction as, by using html forms to submit data without the…


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