Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Из выступления Гари Штейнгарта

Давно хотел записать, но все забывал. Рассуждение Гари Штейнгарта о переводчиках:

Translators are a very special breed. What I like in translators is when they are not completely slavishly attached to the actual text, when they say: "Well, it gives me some ideas, I want to be as close as possible, but this is not gonna work in Russian. I'm gonna have to do some things that'll make it sound a good translation". This has existed in America for a while, because, for example, "Война и мир", "Анна Каренина" - all these major translations were done by a very prim British woman Constance Garnett. And it was so boring... it was filled with impossible Englishisms, it just sounded like it was really written, you know, to create the worst text possible. Now Larissa Volkhonskaya, I think her name is, and her husband... they're coming out with new translations - they are a joy to read for contemporary audiences! It's not that she uses Internet speak - LOLs, you know, - but she tries to create a nice kind of balance between contemporary American speech. So that's my goal, I think, what I want to see in good translators.

I'm published in 22 countries, so there's a huge number of translations. And you notice certain things. For example, the Germans - they are insane about translations. You will get a document with about four hundred questions, most of them ridiculous. And then you are reading in Germany - and they've read every word with such care, and they'll say: "Ya, so, on page 121 the character, Borya, is wearing a green sweater, but I noticed, yes, that on page 312 it is a greenish sweater. In your world, maybe, sweaters magically change colors?" That is very disturbing. And then there are Italians, who just don't care...

Для меня было удивительно то, что это второй англоязычный писатель подряд (первый был Адам Фоулдс), с похвалой (да еще какой!) отзывающийся о переводах Пивера и Волохонской, которые среди большинства наших переводчиков принято всячески осуждать и ругать (а Констанс Гарнетт, наоборот, хвалить). С чего бы это? То ли англоязычные писатели просто не способны сравнить оригинал с переводом (Штейнгарт способен, но вряд ли сравнивал), то ли уши наших переводчиков все же не могут услышать то, что слышат английские уши.

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