Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Записки на полях

On page 33 of the first-edition copy of Eric Partridge's You Have a Point There that I have before me as I write (I borrowed it from the University of London Library), there is a marginal note made by a reader long ago. A marginal note? Yes, and I have been back to check and muse on it several times. Partridge, who is just about to elucidate the 17th application of the comma ("Commas in Fully Developed Complex Sentences"), is explaining that in this particular case it is difficult to formulate a set of rigid rules. "My aim is to be helpful, not dogmatic," he explains. "The following examples will, if examined and pondered, supply the data from which any person of average intelligence can, without strain, assimilate an unformulated set of working rules." At which the unknown, long-ago reader has written in old-fashioned handwriting up the side, "Rot! You lazy swine Partridge."

(L. Truss. Eats, shoots and leaves)

Я к чему это вспомнил. В библиотечном томике солженицынского "Октября шестнадцатого" кто-то аккуратно подчеркнул слова: "Уже вступила верховная власть России в тот безнадежный круг, когда разум отнят Богом", - и поставил на на полях лаконичную карандашную помету: "XXI в."

Меня всегда умиляло это словесное (со)творчество в библиотечных книгах. Для кого оставляют читатели эти пометки? Для себя? Так ведь книжку сдадут. Неужели для будущих читателей?

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