Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Английский 19-го века

Автор грамматики второй половины 19-го века критикует Диккенса:

"Mr. Pickwick's face while his tale was being read would have attracted the attention of any man alive." — Dickens.

С упреком за использование безграмотных языковых новшеств:

Being is superfluous.
This modern form is very seldom used among writers of the highest class. The best writers say, "The house is building", not "The house is being built". "An act less horrible was perpetrating in Eskdale." — Macaulay. "Chelsea hospital was building." — Id. "The nearest chapel where divine service was performing." — Id. "This new tragedy was acting." — Edward Everett.

Какая прелесть!

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