November 24th, 2021

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Developers of the Remix framework (which they open-sourced yesterday) are asked about their business model, and the (co-)founder passionately talks about how open-source is going to be great for their product, while they will charge for the hosting infrastructure and related services (similar to Gatsby or Next). The funny thing here is if you listened to him a year or so ago (Remix was being built since approximately the beginning of covid), you would have heard him defend the closed-source model for their framework with equal passion, the argument being that they've already done a lot of good things for the community with react-router, reach-router, and unpkg; and now would something that will bring in a sustainable income.

It's fascinating to hear someone argue the opposite ideas with about the same passion.

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Cool cover. Love the style. But who's that man behind Kyle?

P.S.: Ah, Travis McMichael I assume? Saw a photo of him on social media today. Never heard of him before.