November 12th, 2021

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Compare and contrast: a series of lectures on cryptocurrency offered on Coursera in 2015:

as compared to a similar course on cryptocurrency from 2017:

The quality of presentation of the second lecturer is so much worse! A heavy accent, a stilted, reading intonation, and silly, unhelpful slides.

The first lecturers are from Princeton; the second teaches at University at Buffalo.

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This is actually pretty cool: turns out the author pioneered the genre of a novel in instant messages. Kudoz for style. Pretty believable characters, too. Icky, but fascinating. And the text is surprisingly immersive. I am totally on the author's side in this; the moms can go eat a dick.

Pages she is upset about:

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Me, looking at our tests in Jest, nervously.

We are screwed, aren't we.

Some day I will learn that anything coming from Facebook is sugar-coated poison... Some day...