November 2nd, 2021

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I am caught in this cycle of samsara. Designs eschew technical simplicity. We throw react at them, with little concern for accessibility, and with a gloomy apprehension of looming complexity. The thing grows clumsy and brittle. I get grumpy. And on and on it goes.

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They won't have time to release React 18 by that time, I don't think. Still, maybe they'll at least release a beta? Lots of speakers from Facebook (every speaker with pronouns in their bio).

As a side note, the conference site is made with Next. And the new React docs site is also made with Next.

Apropos the new docs site, their new docs are geared towards a much more entry-level developer, who doesn't even have a firm grasp on javascript yet. I don't like it, for various reasons. One is that this makes it harder for more experienced devs to use the docs as a quick reference; but more so because it is an effort to streamline new developers into react. The motivation, inasmuch as I saw on social media, is couched in phrases that include words such as diversity and gatekeeping; but as a result, another group of more traditional web developers complains of js-heavy sites using the same magic words, diversity (of users, inadequate) and gatekeeping (from html/css developers).