October 27th, 2021

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From a tech talk given in 2019. Something I did not expect:

"One of the most embarrassing things that I found out from this [from analyzing his own tweets] is that when I looked at my most retweeted people and my most mentioned people and my most replied to people, every single blacked out name here is a white dude".

That was a problem for him.

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Horrors of typescript. I can read (but doubt I would be capable of writing) something like this (the use of template literal types is fascinating, btw):

whereas this I can't even read (i.e. understand why it's doing what it's claiming to do):


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English-speaking countries that have outlawed dog ear cropping or tail docking refer to these practices as mutilation.

Not as a completely unnecessary aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. But as a mutilation.

Constructing reality through language.

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I've never watched a long conversation with Jay Bhattacharya before — only his occasional quick appearances on mainstream news. This conversation was, to me, more interesting than what Rogan had with Sanjay Gupta:

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This is one other lesson that I haven't learnt in time, and that I am afraid might bite me, hard. We are using Jest, mocking module dependencies left and right. Meanwhile, there's a big shift coming with ES modules becoming the preferred way of library distribution; and I do not know how well Jest is going to handle that.

These are moments when I get pissed at the current state of web frontend.