October 15th, 2021

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I don't know what he means; but whatever it is, he is wrong on this one.

Unlike racism, which has been significantly redefined in Merriam-Webster a year ago to mean systemic racism, anti-vaxxer appeared in Merriam-Webster in 2018 with a very similar definition.

The current definition added the especially clause, which doesn't seem to be in contradiction with the common usage.

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I don't think I was even taught about the Holocaust in school. If I was, it probably was just a footnote somewhere. History wasn't among my favorite subjects in school anyway. Which makes me surprised to see so many people so passionate about school's history curriculum.

As for both sides, I read a book on creationism in high school, when our biology classes, of course, didn't touch the subject. It was during the time when missionaries of various persuasions were coming over in droves to spread their gospels onto receptive confused postcommunist minds. That particular book, I believe, came through Jehovah's Witnesses, and turned out to be a surprisingly decent read, as such books go. I still remember it fondly.

Oh, and it was also the time when I read Victor Suvorov's Icebreaker. Didn't make much fuss over it. Whether it was the Nazis who treacherously attacked the peaceful Soviets, or the Soviets who were about to stab the Nazis in the back only to be anticipated by them — this all just felt like a fun puzzle about the things long gone, something pertaining more to the realm of fiction than to the real life.

I didn't get a chance to read Fomenko's alternative history though :-)