October 13th, 2021

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Hey, I learnt a new story today. A Ukranian software engineer, working at Google in Zurich, got the boot for not getting it. Although the news about him has, apparently, been amplified by Tucker, he has slipped under my radar, unlike James Damore.

He's a bit difficult to listen to for a long time; but I find in him a sentiment very similar to mine: a yearning for honesty, transparency and consistency. I remember Emma Bostian, a developer who has recently been writing and talking about tech interviews, reference the concept of "high-context" vs "low-context" culture, high-context meaning that a lot remains unspoken and implicitly understood, whereas in low-context you would typically spell things out. She would typically say that America is a "low-context communication culture"; but from what I am hearing from this engineer, he wants something much, much more lower level. He resents that the company is effectively telling him to read the air and punishes him for going by the letter of their communications. He resents the codespeak, the taboos, the performatives, the unspoken. The politics. I sympathize.