October 9th, 2021

(no subject)

I've started watching it; and it's been a weird experience so far... It's called PWA summit; so I expected them to target an audience that already knows what PWAs are, and to talk about new, interesting and exciting aspects of PWAs. Instead, the first talk is just a basic review of what PWAs are (hello? the audience of a conference that has the word PWA in its name should already know this); while the second talk is trying to make some simple point about urls in a very roundabout way (yes, frontend developers know about the history api; and no, it's not a big deal to make your server handle the same urls as your client does. Plus, I really don't care what wonderfully noble purpose you use your app for; there are probably a couple of words from your use case that are generally relevant for the purpose of the talk, and "mental health" are not them. Trying to support a broad range of devices, across varying network conditions and with or without javascript, on the other hand, are.)