October 7th, 2021

(no subject)

So ShopTalkShow, right? The website looks pretty impressive for something built with Wordpress. The hosts are two chaps well established in the web community: frequent conference speakers, CSS tricks, yada yada. And yet, in the beginning of the latest episode, when they are asked to share their opinion about the XState library, which, clearly, none of them have used (although Chris at least has heard about it), instead of just saying, sorry, looks interesting, but never used, they spend time discussing it, googling for the docs, skimming through the docs in real time, and saying dumb shit.

This is why I am so confused about those guys. They are probably knowledgeable and capable. But at the same time, they regularly say dumb shit. There are few podcasters with sufficient scope, attention to details, and honesty, who don't. Http203 guys are among such rare exceptions.