September 22nd, 2021

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I am getting more and more annoyed with React (and with our poor tech choices) by the minute. So now, with the React dev tools extension enabled, any messages that you want to write to console (console.log debugging is still a thing) are intercepted by the extension and reported as produced by it. Who in their right mind would do something so hideous?

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An American developer (or manager, whatever) retweeting a Canadian:

What never ceases to amuse me is that anyone — especially anyone on the other side of the world, without any sentimental attachment to the place — would give a fuck.

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An ad that does it poorly. Like an amateurishly written blog post, it starts with platitudes. "Video calling," it says, "is core to daily life. It's how we work, how our kids learn, how we connect with the family and the family doctor."

We bloody know all that! Why are you telling us what we already know?

The bland stock-quality imagery is unappealing as well.