September 21st, 2021

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I don't know the background of this particular exchange, and BBC's syntax — although it well reflects the intonation with which the interviewer asks the question — didn't help.

It took me a while (and several repetitions by the interviewer) to realize that he is reading out the definition of the word woman. Don't know from where. Don't know what the occasion was.

The video is a good example of the repugnant quality in a politician to not give straight answers to straight questions. The sleazeball on the right talks in response to the question (repeated several times), but shows no intention of addressing it directly.

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An alternative branch of history, which we didn't get a chance to witness, would be whether, had Trump won the last election, he would have also ended up pressing for vaccine passports and vaccine and mask mandates (after all, the man barely had any principles to speak of); and whether the intelligentsia would have accused him of dictatorial overreach and would have opposed the mandates much stronger as a matter of principle. That could have been fun to watch! Another question is whether he would have botched the Afghanistan withdrawal as clumsily; but the consequences of that are less intriguing that the consequences of the first question.

Thought of that after seeing a developer tweet the following: