September 11th, 2021

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Here's a joke I heard in a recording of Bernard Manning's show from 1983. Googled for it using the keywords, and found it posted on reddit as what could be a verbatim transcript from that performance.

I am sure I heard it in Russian as a teenager. And I am pretty sure I found it hilarious. It wasn't obvious to me then that it was a translated joke. Can't find a good Russian version of it on the internet now — the ones that pop up in search are written in a clumsy and illiterate way. But they reminded me that the bus conductor was changed into "водитель автобуса". No conductors left when the joke got translated, I suppose.

(no subject)

A-a-and of course Peter Boghossian is now on Bari Weiss's podcast. Completely predictable, but still amusing how quick and how, well, predictable these things are. Grab the news while it is still hot. I wonder which other podcasts he will appear on.

But, predictability aside, it was a good conversation. I loved to see the glimpses of my own mental journey mirrored in his. The way he talks about words; how he initially — around 2014 or so — took the words diversity and inclusion in their everyday sense; and how he, for instance, was surprised that diverse panels did not include Trump supporters. Or the way he talks about the Socratic method working when there is a moral uncertainty and a curiosity about the epistemology of the other.