September 9th, 2021

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DHH published a blog post about the approach to javascript in Rails 7.

I haven't followed the Rails space since 2015, but it's really nice to see browser support for modern javascript reach the level of maturity where major frameworks will enable the building of ambitious projects with almost no dedicated assets build step at all. ES6 modules, import maps, web components, the newly arrived css modules, and so on make everything just so damn nice. Still some distinctly rough edges in the web components space; but they will get smoothed out over time.

One really big thing that's lost with this approach though is typescript. Once you try this extra safety harness, it's really hard to go back to the chaos of the dynamically typed javascript. And browsers don't speak typescript.

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Saw this retweeted by a developer:

In that clip, Orban does not say the word "white" even once. What he does say is "cultural identity" (used to be something that identitarians took close to heart?) and "christianity".