September 7th, 2021

(no subject)

Listening to Flowers for Algernon, following Stephen King's endorsement in Billy Summers. It's delicious. A cross between Faulkner, Joyce's Ulysses, Ted Chiang's Understand, and maybe a bit of Bulgakov's The Heart of a Dog. It's probably best to be consumed as printed text, because spelling plays a big part in it, but listening to it works too. Although when it's spoken out loud, it strains credulity as to the initial mental state of the protagonist.

And a random quote (with what used to be a truism, although maybe not so much anymore):

Now I understand one of the important reasons for going to college and getting an education is to learn that the things you've believed in all your life aren't true, and that nothing is what it appears to be.

I remember one other book that I read through King's product placement in Low Men in Yellow Coats. A classic, Lord of the Flies. That one was a bit of a disappointment; I was expecting much more after King's character told a little boy that that was his favorite book.