August 24th, 2021

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Hacker News has wised up to how Twitter has become nigh-unusable for non-logged-in visitors. The top commentator also tells a story similar to what once happened to me:

On top of it, it's not just a matter of creating an account because they get blocked within two minutes until you also give them your phone number, despite the registration pretends it's not required (because once you signed up, it's easier to trick people into giving up yet more information than asking for it upfront).

(it wasn't "two minutes" for me; more like half a year or maybe even a year; but yeah, one sunny day Twitter decided it wanted my phone number, and I parted with my account)

On the one hand, it is good for weaning off of Twitter. On the other hand, someone mentioned that there is an alternative frontend to Twitter called; and it it fantastic for exploring Twitter. Not a React app, by the way; it doesn't seem to have any javascript at all, which is an interesting experience.