August 16th, 2021

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Today, Twitter has made it much harder for unregistered visitors to use their web site.

The visitor is immediately harassed with this popup:

The web app is not keeping track of the user's choice to close the popup; and a click on any tweet brings it back.

Incredibly, the closing of the popup is accompanied by a navigation back in the browser history. Which means that is the visitor clicks on a tweet and closes the popup to read it, he is immediately taken back to the previous page where he clicked on that tweet. No more tweets for you :-)

So much effort to turn the experience of the unregistered into hell. Almost as much as is put into making the life of the unvaccinated hell.

(It may be, of course, that they've rolled out a bug that they will roll back later on; but I doubt it.)

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A couple of clips from CNN (of all channels; I didn't think they ever question the party line).

1. An interview with Jay Bhattacharya (a professor of medicine at Stanford), who expresses his befuddlement that the immunity from the vaccine is treated differently than the immunity after a natural infection. From June 2021:

(link to the clip, which isn't on youtube, so LJ won't allow embedding the video in the post)

2. An interview with a law professor who has had covid, and has filed a complaint against his university, which requires all staff to get vaccinated:

Meanwhile, the WHO position (published on their Facebook page, today):

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Don't know what the name for this is (apart from, obviously, ambiguity). Got intrigued by this sentence in React docs:

Note: passing undefined as a Provider value does not cause consuming components to use defaultValue.

I am almost certain that what was meant in this sentence is "causes consuming components not to use defaultValue" rather than "does not cause ... to use". An affirmation of a causal relationship rather than an observation about the absence of such a relationship. Perhaps, I thought, this was an interference from the non-English native language of the writer? But no, as far as I can tell, the author of the commit has English as his native language.