July 16th, 2021

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From a job posting. An organization looking for a scrum master:

Leading delivery by prioritizing around business value and validating benefits with customers? Prioritizing business value and validation with customers is the job of product owner, not scrum master.
Start teams from scratch with a clear approach for building backlogs? Product backlog is the sole responsibility of the product owner, while sprint backlog is the responsibility of the development team, not scrum master.
Define acceptance criteria and validate the product delivery for robust implementation? It is development team that is responsible for the definition of done, not scrum master.
Documenting and approving designs in Confluence? This is not scrum master's role.

They do, however, require from a scrum master:

I'm not quite sure what it means to be a multidisciplinary scrum master; but if that person had been facilitating scrum by the book, they would probably have questions about the list of responsibilities.

Also, descriptions of developer roles for that org note that developers will report to the scrum master. So, management and hierarchy.

How much does their scrum resemble the process prescribed by the scrum guide, I wonder.

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A video from a year ago about what is going to happen in the browser to bring back the functionality, such as shared array buffers or high-resolution timers, that got removed due to Specter and Meltdown.