July 3rd, 2021

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Gosh, lots of Russian developers in the Netherlands somehow! I've heard that Booking.com had a lot of Russians; but now I am watching the recording of SimpleWebConf, which looks like it was organized/sponsored by a bank called ING, whose head office is in Amsterdam — and the MCs have a strong Russian (or otherwise Slavic) accent.

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A good illustration of the pitiful state of our industry. A question on Reddit:

Right, lemme see, So three pages: home page, login/register, and survey. Tests that you can route users post-login appropriately depending on their history with the survey. Design requirements, if any, not provided, so don't know how complicated the frontend is; but sounds reasonable so far...

So what is the question that gets asked?

"How to integrate React with Ruby-on-Rails"

And the answer?

Create a Ruby-on-Rails API and a dedicated frontend in React.

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I took another look at сторкоронавирус.рф.

Over the last year, it has progressed quite impressively, from a pathetic useless piece of crap hastily slapped together in Tilda to a professionally developed web site, well adapted both to desktop and to mobile screens. I was surprised to see that they have the bem-naming library among its list of dependencies. Does it suggest that they have (ex)-Yandexers on their team?

Only they must have some interns on the team as well, because someone had a bright idea to embed a flights timetable directly into the main html page, although it is supposed to be shown in a popup. Or was supposed to — I couldn't even find a button that would bring up the popup with the timetable. The timetable is huge and results in a whopping 30-plus kilobytes of html:

Could have easily been spotted had they been monitoring their web performance metrics.