July 2nd, 2021

(C)opied from Twitter

Facebook has an opinion on issues and wants to help its users adopt it.

I still have hard time remembering that assimilation has effectively become a dirty word by now...

I dunno, looks like Democrat stance on immigration to me, which probably a sizable portion of the country (not just "violent groups" and "hate groups") doesn't share. Or, stylistically, a fragment from a school textbook. Can't decide which.

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Wow, this is beautiful cover art; very much in the spirit of Chip Kidd's TED talk. I suppose the use of color is also meaningful? Although I am not sure it's the right shade of blue...

Speaking of cover art, I enjoyed the one on a recent issue of Spectator:

Imagine the high opinion they have of their readers — they expect them to remember the frontispiece of Hobbes's Leviathan in order to appreciate the joke. On the other hand, maybe that frontispiece is in every school history textbook and has been ingrained in every Brit's mind, as the Bayeux Tapestry is.

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The baffling poetics of a tweet: the emojis — all but the last one which adds new information by signifying the beginning of a thread — are entirely redundant and used purely decoratively. The author is apparently a scientist, with a postgraduate degree, so with a high level of literacy. He is also an early millennial.

In the subsequent tweets continuing the thread, he keeps diligently adding the flags for every country he mentions. Got me wondering whether he has an app that does it for him automatically, because if not, if he really spends time on adding this weird punctuation, then why?