June 24th, 2021

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Don't know the source of this page other than the tweet in which I saw it; but it poses the same question as the master git branch or a slave database. Is there a link between a metaphor and someone's (or society's) mode of thinking. If someone is using the phrase "rule of thumb", how significant is it that the phrase stems from the practice of male oppression from hundreds of years, when now it means something completely different? If someone speaks of "killing it", is someone else, who has been traumatized by seeing someone else killed, entitled to demand that that person changes their language? Is the metaphor in "taking a shot at it" making anyone more violent? Is the phrase "trigger warning" making people who get triggered by it any worse than they already are, and will "content warning" make them more peaceful?

I know Lakoff had some opinions about it. This probably goes all the way to Sapir—Whorf; and I am not sure that I am buying their theory.