June 13th, 2021

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An illustration of the state of the modern Russian communication:

For one thing, the mayor uses the low-class vernacular verb "ставить" referring to getting a shot of the vaccine; from the old substandard phrase "ставить прививку", which used to be criticized in Soviet textbooks. Which is fine, given his social history; but a news portal (does the eponymous newspaper still exist?) repeated his verb when they reported on his disclosure (1st paragraph), without changing the phrase into a more standard form. The disorienting effect of this, at least to me, is as if he has "supplied" the vaccine somewhere.

The blog post, which the article refers to, ends in a passage with another grammatical feature that feels relatively recent (10-15 years?) — a peculiar absence of the first-person pronoun in the second sentence:

I first started noticing this peculiar stinginess for pronouns in unsolicited emails from recruiters that I occasionally receive; then I noticed it in the rare Putin's speeches that I sometimes can't help but overhear; and I still can't figure out why this has taken off. It still sounds as a jarring stylistic novelty to me.

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Saw this retweeted by a developer (and actually written by a developer):

Isn't it a rather insane point to make? I don't know what exactly the right is objecting to; but freedom of speech and openness to ideas does not mean being required to listen to someone's speech and then being graded on how faithfully you can reproduce it. School curriculum is (or at least used to be) quite dictatorial in this regard, mandating the subjects that you study, the curriculum that is covered, and the range of behaviors you are allowed to exhibit within each subject.

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Spent half a day trying to remember a word. I felt there was that quality that I wanted to express, and that I knew the word, but that it was — not on the tip of my tongue but rather stuck somewhere behind the misfiring neurons, and just wouldn't be teased out into the open. My brain kept suggesting that the word I was thinking of must start with a c. I looked up decency and sincerity in the thesaurus in the hope of finding a suitably looking synonym, but there was nothing in the results that would satisfy the itch.

Half a day later, it just came to me. Integrity :-)

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I didn't know if this was a true photo or someone's overly stereotypical caricature — it looked just too aesthetically perfect, down to the paypal address on the flipchart, to have happened in real life:

But no; it turned out that this was a picture from a real seminar held back in 2017. I don't know where the original footage from that event is, but this one, although clearly not an original, has decent quality: