June 11th, 2021

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The Peril of Politicizing Science is a just published article by an ex-Soviet chemist, Anna Krylova, drawing parallels between her memories of the Soviet Union and the ideological contortions of the present-day intelligentsia and Western culturo-political imperatives.

She emigrated late in her life, and this seems to be a sample of her speech from a couple of years ago. I confess to a shameful prejudice: I wouldn't have expected a person who talks like this to be able to write like this. But then, of course, every time I experience this kind of cognitive dissonance, I remember Ayn Rand. Whom I haven't read yet. Damn.

Must have taken quite a lot of guts by the journal editors to publish her opinion piece.

P.S.: Ah, Archimede’s Principle is clearly a legacy of the Russian education that has not been caught by the copy editor.